Freshness Rediscovered

The retailing arm for r+, r+ harvest is our house brand through which we ethically source, process and sell fresh produce from farmsteads and selected r+ Destinations. Along with support from our renowned retail brand Jonah Foods, this initiative is part of the r+ ecosystem that unites hospitality, agriculture, processing and retail, to elevate the quality of life for underserved farming communities.

r+ believes in responsible and refined living. Creating a new model of responsible living, delivering one-of-a-kind experiences at one-of-a-kind locations, working in harmony with nature and local communities to derive mutual and sustainble benefits for all.


Our curated offerings come from dedicated producers who share the same ethical philosophy as r+, and are committed to the highest standards of quality. The farm-fresh produce from r+ Destinations includes cashew, paddy, coconut, mango, and other fruits, nuts, grains and nutritious delights.